Macro Lens Canon EF-S 60mm Reviews

If you are serious about photography then at some point you would think and interested in macro photography. The pictures can be taken with a macro lens can be absolutely stunning, with a level of detail that makes it an amazing picture to behold.
Before you begin, you should make sure you choose the right camera lens for macro photography, and the following is a review of the macro lens Canon EF-S 60mm.
Macro lens Canon EF-S 60mm is a fixed focal lens with USM or ultra sonic motor for quiet operation system or not rude, and has f-stop 2.8. This macro lens has an EF-S Mount that fits on popular models like the 450D and 500D, as well as some Canon cameras like the 5D higher range. This lens is not compatible with the Canon camera range which only take EF mount.
The first thing to remember is that the lens is quite small when compared to other lenses, and fixed or fixed focal length focal point so you can not zoom in on the subject. This means you have to physically move to get closer, but it’s good macro lens right?
As a fixed focal lens, the EF-S 60mm can be used also as a portrait lens. Photos taken with extraordinary levels of detail unlike other photos taken with a normal lens, and the colors are sharp overall.

Macro Photography using Canon EF-S 60mm
As a macro lens, the Canon EF-S 60mm is very nice. The level of detail in the images taken can be quite stunning, especially when viewed on a large computer monitor.
Since it USM lens that operates very quietly, again, this is something that is very useful to get closer if you want to take pictures of animals. In this case, it may be useful to add a small tripod and a remote trigger, that way you can quickly put the camera close to the subject and away so as not to scare the animal, which we take.
Very fast autofocus mechanism, though sometimes have problems because the two focal points traded his close up.
If you are interested in macro photography and have a Canon DSLR camera then you will not hesitate to buy a Macro Lens Canon EF-S 60mm this.