Character and Characteristics of Modern Minimalist House Model

In these forward-paced era, the need for a comfortable home, very high efficient and practical. Especially considering that each person’s personal activities are very high at the time outside the home and family gather together to chat is reduced. It is therefore necessary design the perfect home for your family. Right now there are a variety of home designs started to enter the property market. Among them is very much in demand with the home or home design minimalist concept. This minimalist home design modern home design begins with the development of a more simple also on the interior space. People say a lot of minimalist style show depicting the perspective of today’s lifestyle has a tendency fast, practical, efficient and effective in all respects.

Actually, what is called a minimalist home about it? If the terms of the shape of the building, then the minimalist character can be seen in something like the following:

There are meetings every field you will see the elbow perpendicular
Any form or by straight-line construction plane
There is a repetition of the module
Shaped volume metrics for the Construction
Form a sequence of interior room and have many functions
Have air circulation and lighting quick
The latter is a neat structure and a clear system

In addition to the above matters, minimalist design with more emphasis on the aesthetic and functional approaches are characterized by the presence of specific rooms are designed with a high degree of flexibility and good. In principle prefer the minimalist house also prefer the simplicity and precision of its function.

That is, it can be said that a good minimalist house it is that has a design or interior and exterior design as simple or as minimal as possible. Things to consider is minimal at:

Minimal furniturenya. A minimalist house will only be filled furniture or furniture that is tailored to function and place only. For example, a living room, only contains one set of table and chairs or a sofa set only. Excessive thing is when we put a vase of flowers or a tablecloth that has a lot of detail. For the living room in a minimalist house ideally contain only television with carpets and big pillows. For the bedroom usually contains only a simple bed that does not consume a lot of space, can be added with a simple dresser atupun bookshelf. You can not usually go add some detail or knick-knacks on the bedroom minimalist house minimalist house because it has a very limited wide. Decoration. Net does not mean your home decor or no detail at all and seem boring. You can choose decorations such as paintings or craft simple yet artistic, you can also install wallpaper motifs and simple color, has a regular pattern and do not have much color.
Choosing quality over quantity. Meaning here is rather than having a lot of stuff in your house, minimalist principles will only select a few items that you really need and means for you.

However the model or design minimalist interior and exterior of your home, the most important priority is to keep the function of each room and do not forget the aesthetic value.