8 Wedding Photography Tips For Beginners

If you have studied and understand the interest in photography and plunge into the world of wedding photography, here are some simple tips when you are shooting at a wedding.

Preparation. You should make a list of the photo shoot that you will live, so no moment is missed.
Acquiring the equipment properly. Bring a camera at least in case broken, and applies also to the lens and flash, you try to carry too wide angle lens for group photos. Battery backup and memory card is a must as well. A good lens perhaps even more important than the camera.
Be friendly, polite and charming.
Be creative in photography and composition. Look for the corners where you will find a good spot to take pictures, do not be too rigid.
Take photos of the combination of large number of people. Bride with her mother, then her father, then with both. You have a better chance to sell more photos in this way, and at the same time, get some wonderful memories for everyone. Continue reading “8 Wedding Photography Tips For Beginners”